Farm Bell Kitchen opens today for seated table service for the first time since March. We are excited to welcome back our guests, as we reestablish Charlottesville’s #1 brunch destination.

For those of you who are not yet comfortable dining out, we will of course continue our online carry-out and delivery menus.

It’s Graduation Weekend at UVA, the pinnacle celebration in Charlottesville each year, and Farm Bell is a celebration restaurant. We think it’s apropos after months of missing our guests, that we start welcoming you back at this time. We remain grateful for the close relationship we have with this community, and our customers’ commitment to going local. OPEN 8AM TO 2PM DAILY

Per the governor’s guidelines for Phase I restaurant reopening, Farm Bell is going above the requirements to ensure our guests and staff a safe and enjoyable experience.
We’ll spare you the book of guidelines and just tell you what it means for our customers:
For the time being, Farm Bell seated dining will be restricted to outdoor tables, until the governor’s guidelines change to allow seating in our dining rooms. Farm Bell offers 50 seats of outdoor dining, but only 10 covered seats when it’s raining, so check the forecast before you join us.
Instead of the recommended six feet of distance between seated guests, Farm Bell has a minimum of eight feet between seated guests at our outdoor tables.
We will be greeting guests at the entrance to the cafe and walking you to your outdoor table. If there is a wait for tables, we offer a mobile waitlist. Farm Bell won’t have an on-site waiting area, but we will message when your table is ready and give you time to come back from your walk.

The Farm Bell staff wears masks and gloves, and follows CDC-recommended best practices for hygiene and temperature monitoring. For now, we’ll also use “one-and-done menus” that get thrown away after one use.

There’s a whole checklist of other safety and sanitization rules that Farm Bell has established. If you have a specific question, email us.