Farm Bell Kitchen is the third local hospitality small business brought to you by the team that created Dinsmore Boutique Inn and Red Hub Food Co. Farm Bell combines the best aspects of its two sister businesses, marrying the historical elegance of Dinsmore with Red Hub’s commitment to Southern traditions. The result is a distinct eatery that oozes Charlottesville charm. At Farm Bell, we take pride in delicious food and exceptional service. We truly value the relationships we build with our customers and treat your dining experience as an opportunity to provide a memorable experience.

What’s in a name?

On a solo road trip down Virginia back roads, owner Ryan Hubbard pulled over to explore an antique salvage yard. There, underneath a picnic table covered in American memorabilia, sat an old, rusty #2 bell. What better way to convey the Southern concept of Farm Bell Kitchen, Ryan thought, than a bell that was once used to call farmers in from the fields to eat?  Ryan bought the bell from an old man in a rocking chair next to an old dog, and brought it home to refurbish it. Today the bell stands atop a post, completely out of place amidst the bustle of Charlottesville’s Main Street, yet beckoning our patrons to come on in for a delicious meal, just as it did back on the 19th century farm.